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Do I Get Paid without referrals?

Yes, we pay non-referral earners 100% on this platform (N.I.P) earnings every month from Top activity earners to low earners till the revenue gets Exhausted.

What is Coupon code?

Coupon code serves as a quick payment option on our platform or PIN used for registration payment.

How To Pay For Registration On Naijaspecial?

Coupon code (contact any of our coupon merchant )

Online payment with your Atm card (which is coming soon)

How Does Naijaspecial Pays?

We pays earnings with a minimum of ₦1000 every day, we pay within 1 hour of request (Any day, anytime)

While N.I.P Earners are paid on 21st of Every month with minimum earnings of 6,000 E.I.P (Naijaspecial Activity Earnings) which equals N3,000.

How Can I share sponsored posts?

Go to the home page, click on the FEATURE, and then click on VIRAL POST, you’ll see sponsored post for each day, what you have to do is to copy the whole text and Download the image then go to your Facebook timeline and post it like a normal post.

Note: Make sure your post is public

This is important because you’ll be asked to provide your Facebook link on your withdrawal form in order to get paid 100% without referring.

What is N.I.P?

Naijaspecial Income points.

This is based on your Daily Activities earning on the forum for reading, sharing, on any of our daily articles.

What is Earnings?

Earnings are based on the 30% Referral commission you earn when you refer people to join the forum…

Why You Should Join Naijaspecial Program Earning Opportunity?

Naijaspecial serves as means of Earning the opportunity to the world at large…

Because irrespective of your status, gender, or Age, you will Always Benefit from Naijaspecial income program…

Are you a student, graduate, or seeking a job… If you’re here on Elokings you can benefit from our earnings opportunity by making Money on our Website. Once you have an internet-enabled mobile phone, you are good to go. Take advantage of your environment, families and friends, even Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media contact and make money for yourself.

Don’t allow the economic situation of the country to put your back on the ground. Seize the opportunity and make good use of it. Naijaspecial Earning Opportunity has come to stay for those who wish to earn online.

Is Sponsored Post Compulsory?

YES (for non-referral earners)

Membership activities, posting, sponsored post sharing:

Sponsored post sharing must not be edited and must correspond with the post date and must be shared as recommended.

How to place N.I.P withdrawal?

On the withdrawal date which is on the 21st of every month, the withdrawal form will automatically appear on your dashboard if you’ve reached the minimum threshold for withdrawal.

Is Naijaspecial Legitimate?


For those doubting the legitimacy of this program and if this is on the fraud/scam network.

Naijaspecial program is not and can never be scam. Naijaspecial Earning Opportunity is a legitimate system, Not a quick rich scheme.

Naijaspecial was created and launched on 21st of December, 2020. Under the legal Protection of FLASH WEB TECHNOLOGIES.