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New Year: Nigerians deserve better life in 2021 – CAN

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Ogun CAN seeks prayer for Nigeria, observance of COVID-19 protocols

By Luminous Jannamike 

 The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Revd Samson Ayokunle, has expressed serious concern over the socio-economic situation of the country, urging the political leaders not to despair, but rather rise up to provide lasting solutions to the nation’s woes in the New Year.

Ayokunle, in his New Year message to Nigerians, on Thursday, said he observed that the present spate of insecurity and other anti-social activities in parts of the country could only change if public office holders also changed their approach to governance.

He noted that the experience over the years had shown that Nigeria’s needs could not be met through the reliance on human wisdom alone.

So, the CAN President added that efforts to assuage the feeling of pain and disappointment across the land were not only very marginal when compared to the challenges, but were also never substantially implemented.

He said, “I urge all those in political power in our nation to lead with humility by listening to Godly admonition because their wisdom alone may not be enough to reposition our nation, especially, to restore our security and bring about peace and prosperity presently eluding our nation.

“The present spate of kidnappings for ransom or death, terrorism, banditry, herdsmen attack, armed robbery, and other anti-social activities in our nation are dents on the leadership of our nation. 

“Though, we understand that leadership is tough and sympathize with those in power, Nigerians at the same time expect that leadership would rise more gallantly to address our near horrible socio-economic situation in this nation which is almost crippling us. 

“Let us love one another and put an end to cruelty against one another under any guise. Nigerians deserve to have their rest of mind.”

Ayokunle also said that irrespective of the challenges that the masses may have faced in 2020, the best way to overcome them was to dwell in what he described as the ‘Secret Place of the Highest.’ 

“This would cause us to abide under the shadow of the Almighty always according to Psalm 91. 

“Doing so means to constantly love God by becoming closer to him in daily communion; to cultivate a lifestyle of fervent prayers for all things before taking any decision or doing anything and to abide by faith on a daily basis for daily victory.

“Dwelling in the secret place of the Highest requires that we trust in the Lord with our whole heart without seeking lesser gods. If we do the above, all the promises of protection, provision, elevation, long life, and every other good thing would be our portion in the name of Jesus Christ.”

While wishing Nigerians a better life experience in the New Year, the CAN President urged the people to observe all the COVID-19 protocols in 2021.

“Maintain social distancing, do hand washing or use sanitizer. Make sure you always wear your face mask whenever you are out from your house until we all together, under God, wipe away this wicked virus from the face of the earth. Avoid frivolous traveling meanwhile and use virtual meetings where possible for your safety,” he stressed.  

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