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Secession and liberation, a dialectic of Nigeria

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Secession and liberation, a dialectic of Nigeria

We need to understand that politically, as already independent African states, the only road to total emancipation and genuine liberation is by breaking colonial yokes, apparatus and structures; understand that this structure may come in diverse ways.

As Frantz Fanon said ‘capitalism in its expansionist phase regarded Africa as a source of raw materials such that when these materials are processed they are unloaded on the European market’.

The basic reason for European invasion of Africa was solely for economic reasons and nothing else, now since independence has already been attained and the process of genuine decolonization has come into illustration, its incumbent on the leaders of independent African states to begin to break colonial yokes into smithereens such that the wealth emanating from the labour of the African masses will genuinely be for the African people alone.

To exploit and subjugate African people, imperialist employ different criminal tactics.

After the liberation struggle, they grant sham political independence and still continually subjugate the people economically and politically through different cunning ways. A case study is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After Patrice Lumumba led Congo to freedom and was elected the prime minister and Joseph Kasavubu as head of state on the basis of the constitution drafted unanimously by the Belgian government and the political representatives of the Congolese people, the constitution was called Loi Fondamentale.

After granting these people who have been oppressed, suppressed, subjugated and relegated in the land of their birth freedom, they continually held their grip of political and economic domination, this same Belgium, sponsored and endorsed reactionary and counter-revolutionary elements amongst the Congolese people to agitate and militantly fight for the secession of the Katanga part of the Congo which is blessed with many natural resources, this criminal struggle for secession was spearheaded by Moise Tshombe who was nothing but a stooge of the imperialists.

We can evidently see that this is a colonial structure that conspicuously challenged the independence and sovereignty of the Congolese people this called for the continuous struggle of the Congolese people for the total liberation and the unification of the Congo.

In Nigeria today, we maintain the structures of the vicious colonialists, we maintain the apparatus drafted by our enemies for their own colonial and administrative ease.

There was Oduduwa before there was Nigeria, the Igbo people were before Nigeria was, the Hausa people were before Nigeria was and it is not only demeaning and berating to force these people to drop their cultural identity because of the identity the white man forced upon us, it is also criminal and vicious.

Nigeria was created by English imperialists because of their own colonial administrative ease and expedience in the subjugation and conquest of these people. Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 by Lord Lugard, and this was done for the economic and political benefit of the English crown.

Now, Nigeria has been decolonized, we have broken the shackles of colonialism, why for goodness sake, are we still maintaining this forceful marriage called Nigeria? Nigeria’s process of decolonization is incomplete and that’s why we have so many problems today, why? Because our political structure itself still is in the advantage of our former English colonial masters. How do we solve this problem?

It is very simple, we have to complete thoroughly the process of decolonization, Nigeria has to return to the way it was before the English colonial masters came and configured it to their benefit.

Yoruba can stand alone as a nation, the Yorubas are over forty million yet they are still a tribe, the Igbos are forty million but yet they are a tribe but Portugal has ten million citizens yet one nation, Belgium has eleven million citizens still one nation.

What applies to Belgium and Portugal should apply to Nigeria, this forceful marriage cannot work out, secession is the only road to liberation, these people are politically mature enough to be independent and govern themselves.

Yes, I am a Pan Africanist, yes you can be a Pan Africanist and be pro Oduduwa and Biafra. Pan Africanism from the political lens of Kwame Nkrumah simply and clearly explains that independent African states shall maintain their territories, constitutional structures and sovereignty.

African unity means that independent African states shall come together and form a union government, African unity or pan Africanism doesn’t necessarily mean that Africa shall be governed by one president.

Economic plans shall be on a continental basis, to fight the aggression of imperialists, an all African high military command must be set up, an all African people revolutionary party must be established on the bedrock of scientific socialism, an all African people revolutionary army must be established, an all African people committee for political coordination must be established.

As Frantz Fanon said in his book wretched of the earth ‘The dislocation of the colonial regime doesn’t mean that when borders have been eliminated there will be a right way between the two sectors, to destroy the colonist world means nothing less than demolishing the colonist sector and burying it deep within the earth or banishing it from the territory’.

Decolonization is pulverizing colonial structures, it is breaking the colonial framework into smithereens, and this politically and morally justified annihilation must be absolute, unconditional and seamless.

Written by: Aina Ademola
Twitter: ogbeniDemola.

This article is dedicated to Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Vanguard News Nigeria

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