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I’m not into acting to meet sugar daddies – Iwalola Adekugbe

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By Ekaette Bassey,

She’s beautiful and talented. Her name is Iwalola Adekugbe. She’s a Yoruba actress who has done some English language films. She won the heart of many movie lovers in films like Omolile, Akobaa, Orunmi, among others. Her acting journey began in 2008 and she has continued to grow stronger and stronger. She speaks with Potpourri on her career and the industry.

Why acting for you?

I’ve loved acting from the womb. I find pleasure in it and I’m happy I’m doing it. I’m not into acting to meet a sugar daddy. I’m in for the job because I love it.

Do you do only Yoruba movies?

No I don’t. I do soap operas too. I was in ‘Private Sector’, ‘Shadows’ and a Yoruba soap opera Aditu Eledumare.

What has been your experience so far?

It hasn’t been easy but it has been good. If you love what you do, you’ll keep on moving. I know the fame and money will definitely come.

As an upcoming actress, have you been sexually harassed?

Many times. This issue of sexual harassment isn’t peculiar to the movie industry alone. It’s everywhere.

How have you been able to handle it?

I’ve been coping with them. It isn’t a big deal. It’s normal for someone to want to date you. You either accept or reject it.

What if it’s in exchange for a movie role?

No, I won’t accept that. I would rather wait to produce my own movie. Then when they see my acting skills, they wouldn’t have any choice but to call me and pay me to act in their movies.

It’s now a common trend for upcoming actresses to pay to be featured in a movie, have you ever done that?

I don’t know about that, but we all have a caucus. If your caucus is producing a movie, you have to support. I’ve never paid money to be featured in a movie.

We also learnt that most of you in the Yoruba movie sector have caucuses and you sometimes do jobs for free. Can you shed light on that?

You start from somewhere, everything in life has a beginning. For instance, I want to have a caucus, I gather five of my friends and we do things together. I might not pay them and vice versa, because we are helping ourselves.

Do you belong to any caucus or you have yours?

No, I belong to a group – Ibadan Ayobami Lukman (Ojokpagogo). It’s not as if you don’t get paid every time. They give you little which is termed Albarika. But if I’m doing a movie outside my caucus, I’ll definitely get paid. So the caucus is like a platform for you to showcase your talent and attract outside patronage.

What is the main reason for forming these caucuses?

You can’t begin alone, one has to start from somewhere. That’s why these groups are there, you go for their rehearsals to perfect your skills. It’s almost impossible to do it on your own. Basically, these groups are there to help project you.

There is this trend in the Yoruba movie industry where you have a lot of bosses …?

Yes, you must have a boss. Everybody that has been into acting before you is your boss. They are your bosses, that’s the rule. You must have a boss.

What is special about you?

I’ve got what it takes to act. I’m a good actor. I can play any role as long as it’s convenient for me, but I can’t go nude.

Can you make love on set?

No, I can’t. I can kiss and do other romantic stuff because it’s my job, but that’s the limit.

Don’t you sometimes get emotionally attached to an actor you did a romantic scene with?

Never, there are no strings attached.

Are you in a relationship?


Does he complain about your chosen career?

No, he is very understanding. He’s my best friend, he understands me. He knows I have to do my job. And if I don’t do it well, he tells me to make it real. I have to make it real.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I like everybody. They are all good at what they do. But I want to be like Joke Jacobs, she’s my role model.

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